Day 7/100 of the 100 Day Project

mixed media drawing

mixed media drawing

I made it to day 7. Each day of making a small drawing feels like a big accomplishment, and actually makes me feel proud of myself.

Today I played with some of the art supplies ooly sent me.

I used these fat weird paint sticks called Chunkies, and yes, I did say Chunkies out loud a bunch of times in a deep voice while I was using them. Then I used the the Chroma Blends watercolor brushes over the Chunkie dots, and got what resembles exploded pansies. I love purple and yellow together.

You know what’s funny about using unfamiliar art materials? You get all pissy at first because you don’t have that muscle memory with them. I can squeeze acrylic out onto a palette and know just what to do with the stuff, but I had to access a different part of my brain to use these materials.

The Chunkies feel like a buttery oil pastel, and are nice and vibrant. I think they’d be great for kids to use on giant pieces of paper.

This was my 3rd time using the Chroma Blends, so I’m getting more used to what they can do. I brushed them on dry at first, and then wet the brushes to blend them together.

All in all, a fun, totally experimental day 7 of 100.

See the listing of all of my sketchbook pages here.

See ooly art supplies here.

Or on Amazon:

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