Cool Back To School Stuff

cool back to school stuff •

I’m excited to share all this cool back to school stuff with you! It’s so fun to poke around and see what sorts of things come out every year that kids can use for a stylin’ new school year.

Let’s see. I found items for little ones all the way up through high school, so if you’re a last-minute shopper like I am, take a peek and see if any of it tickles your fancy. (I really don’t like that phrase, but it popped into my head.)

cool back to school stuff •

1. If you’re an old lady like I am, you probably have a soft spot for metal lunch boxes. The personalization is a nice touch: personalized lunch box, 2. I consider myself something of a head lice expert, having logged in hours of nit-picking and smothering. I highly recommend starting your school year with a lice-repelling spray like LiceLogic Repel Conditioning Hair Spray in Rosemary Mint, 3. This Colorblock twirl dress is just plain adorable, and it’s so moderne. 4. What kid wouldn’t want to plaster Justice League rock band stickers all over their folders and notebooks, and walls, and windows, and pets?


Cool back to school stuff •

1. Mondrian iPhone case! Need I say more?  2. I’ve been trolling for good backpacks and this Pieke Red Backpack is pretty cool, don’t you think? 3. Land of Nod continues to blow my mind, and the Pirouette Desk is no exception. 4. Color Palette Pencil Case; sweet!


Cool back to school stuff •


1. How cool would these be in a kid locker? They come with stick-on magnets just for this purpose (or to put on your fridge) Mini Cloud Corkboard/ Set of 4  2. I don’t know how I managed to keep this list down to 1 roll of washi tape, but this one is so adorable: Red Polka Dots Washi Tape – 10 yards  3. Do these ostriches crack you up like they do me? Ostrich & Chevron Pocket Folders – Set of 4 4. These Maderas slip-on shoes are just classy. I want to pair these with some red skinnies and a plaid shirt on Beckett and congratulate myself for my fashion sense.

What do you think?

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