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Cat Coquillette’s Art Will Make You Happy

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When I discover a prolific artist, I feel equal parts jealous, excited, awestruck, and inspired.

You’ve no doubt seen the work of Cat Coquillette, as she has designs everywhere from Target to ModCloth to Urban Outfitters, she seems to work in every medium known to man, she teaches classes, and she has made about 8 billion artworks. Seriously, I’m slightly overwhelmed trying to decide on which of her works to feature here, but I knew right when I got sucked into her website that I needed to add her to my artist collection.

So you’ll need to click over and take in her entire site, but first allow me to curate some of my favorites from Cat, and then you can go pick and choose your favorites. Maybe we should ask her to make trading cards so we can totally fan out and collect lots of her work.

Artwork by Cat Coquillette

Find more of Cat’s work on her website. Browse her shop, take a class from her, and find her on Instagram.

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