Candy Cane Drawings

candy cane drawing

This is my favorite! Pure, fun, easy drawing. It’s been a good challenge to make 5 candy cane projects in 5 days; maybe I’ll do elves next year. LOLOLOL.

There are a zillion ways to draw a candy cane, and I decided to sit down and do some candy cane drawing brainstorming. This is a fun exercise when you just feel like drawing, but maybe aren’t sure what to draw. Basically, you pick a subject and see how many ways you can come up with to draw that one thing.

Eventually some watercolor jumped into the mix, and it was arty mayhem.

Candy cane paintings and drawings

Candy Cane Drawings

I used a lot of ooly supplies, and my beloved white gel pen. Feel free to use your sketchbook and whatever drawing utensils you so desire, obviously.

Supplies I used:

ooly oil pastel twisty stix I love these so much

ooly paint brushes

white black graph kraft paper pad

Chromablends watercolor paper

ooly watercolor paint pods

Calligraphy duo double ended markers

Here are my other candy cane art projects from 5 Days of Candy Canes:

Monday: Wax Resist Watercolor Candy Canes

Tuesday: Salt dough candy cane ornaments

Wednesday: Block Printing Candy Canes

Thursday: Dyed Rice Candy Canes

What do you think?


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