Best Kids’ Art Projects From 2021

Is it too late for a “best of last year” post? I think not. I’ve been checking out which posts here on Artchoo have garnered the most attention, and it’s always interesting for a blogger to see what posts people are drawn to the most.

1. Sharpie Shoes– This was a big hit, and probably my single favorite project as well, combining fashion design, drawing, graphic design, and really just the thrill of being able to “use” something you’ve created.





2. Colored Cardstock Collage Project– I’m a huge fan of colored cardstock, and so are kids. They won’t want to go back to regular old boring construction paper once they’ve gotten their hands on this stuff. It’s a little more expensive than construction paper, but it’s so worth it. Of course, I didn’t buy it for my kids until they were past the age of ripping through art materials without caring what they were doing.

colored cardstock project


3. Andy Goldsworthy Installation Art Project – Wowza. This one got tons of feedback. Maybe because his work is so inspiring, or maybe because it’s such a great jumping off point for kids to make their own art. In any event, projects based on Goldsworthy’s art are open-ended and stress-free (the finished product completely doesn’t matter, because it stays out in nature.) Probably the best part is that you can all be together as a family and even the youngest of kids can participate.

rocks art project


4. Sketchbook Cover Ideas–  Kids love their sketchbooks, and they are made even more exciting and personal when they get to personalize the cover. This post shows how Fen made hers, as well as showing other ideas for inspiration.



5. Stencil Painting for Wee ones – Finally, we’ve got a simple project for preschoolers/toddlers. At this age, it’s important for them to just be able to push some paint around on a surface. This project adds a little excitement with the use of a sheet of circle stencils.

stencil painting


I’ve got lots more delicious art projects planned for this year, so why don’t you just go ahead and sign up for my RSS feed or get my posts by email. That way you won’t miss a thing! Hooray!

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