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Best Blocks Ever

best blocks ever - wooden building blocks
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best blocks ever - wooden building blocks

You know when you scroll aimlessly down through your Facebook feed and see your friend’s adorable little newborn, and then realize in horror that you don’t have a baby gift picked out? Yep. Been there way too many times. Those 9 months fly by, huh?

I have officially found my new go-to baby gift, and I feel like a giant weight has been lifted from my unorganized shoulders. I remember a woman telling me once that she buys 3 of one baby gift at a time, just to have some waiting, because all of her friends were becoming grandparents. That’s a brilliant woman. Stockpile the baby stuff and you’re good to go…

Anyway, do you want to know what I have deemed wonderful enough to give every new baby that pops into this world? The best blocks ever. I’ve found them at one of my favorite places to shop: Uncommon Goods. They rock. Don’t you love their stuff? They’re one of the very few emails I have not unsubscribed from and actually regularly click through to peruse their site.

wooden blocks


Full disclosure: I was contacted by them to do a sponsored post and I did a little spastic jig because I’m already in love with them. Besides finding the coolest stuff, half of what they sell is made by hand. Read: they are all about supporting artists and designers. (Click through to check out some of their studio tours to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at some of those elusive creative people.)

building blocks - wooden blocks

So why these blocks in particular?

1. They are well made. (They’re designed by renowned artist and early childhood expert Karen Hewitt)

2. The colors are fabulous.

3. The shapes go one step beyond traditional block shapes.

4. The shapes don’t go TOO far beyond classic block shape. I feel like it fosters creative thinking more sometimes when your choices are limited, know what I mean? It’s the block equivalent of giving your kid just 3 colors of crayons once in a while instead of the whole box.

5. They appeal to all ages. This one is such a deal-breaker for me when it comes to baby gifts. I need to feel like I’m giving something that will be enjoyed by the baby, and then for years and years and years.

wooden blocks - best blocks ever!

And that folks, is how you overthink a baby gift. 🙂 You’re welcome for doing all the legwork. Find the Prismania blocks here.

I don’t think I’ve gushed enough about Uncommon Goods, though. Besides their awesome baby gifts which you can check out here, you must see their personalized collection (here), which includes this quote book for your kids. You write those crazy little gems that come out of their mouths in speech bubbles on the pages and can look back in the future and crack up with them.


Of course, there are a ton of other things that will suck you in when you click over and check out their site. Let me know what you think. Are you already an Uncommon Goods fan? Are you just now adding them to your favorites bookmark?

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