Artterro Art Kit Giveaway!

I first encountered an Artterro art kit on Fen’s 7th birthday, and she received a bubble wand kit. She was tearing into her presents, but I had abandoned my photography duty to check out this interesting looking package with copper wires and glass beads in it.

Where was the plastic? Where was the glitter and giant-eyed doll? Not here. She had so much fun bending that wire into giant, bubble-holding shapes, and the beads were the crowning touch, making them seem more like fairy wands. Classy fairy wands.

Naturally, I was pretty stoked to be contacted by Artterro to review a product of our choosing, and give one away! I let Fen look through the website and tried really hard to not influence her decision by keeping my applause and oohs and aahs to a minimum.

She chose an art journal kit. This is like a sketchbook, but elevated to the next level. Pow!

Like their other products, their art journals are open-ended project kits. You aren’t told exactly what to do- you are presented with a set of high-quality materials, given a little encouragement in the form of possible ideas, and left to your own creative devices. This is when kids enter that wonderful bubble of TOTAL IMMERSION. It’s a beautiful thing to behold.

First Fen attacked the front cover. There is a tear-away protective cover over a solid-colored, textured cover just begging to be decorated.



Next she flipped through the journal and ripped out the decorative papers within, in order to cut and collage them onto a blank page. She watercolored, sketched, glued, drew and generally had a blast. She didn’t have the patience to read through their suggestions, but I did, and they provide some great ideas.



Another cool detail is a page with two pockets to hold scraps and bits of stuff to use for collages. I think it would be fun to go on a scrap-finding mission with your kid before they even start in on the journal. Just to make sure they have lots of extra options.






So, who wants one? Just leave a comment below by Thursday night at midnight (Eastern time), and you will be entered into this very awesome contest. Tweeting about it and Facebook liking it will score you more entries, so spread the joy!

Bonus: Artterro is generously offering a 20% discount off of any order from their website, through July 8. Use code ARTCHOO20 at checkout. (You know you need some birthday party presents.)
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  1. Love this! I’ve got a little guy who would love this – it’d be perfect for the “big brother bag” I’m making for him when his little sister is born this fall!

  2. There can never be too much cool art – especially for kids! I would Love one of these! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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