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Artist Spotlight: Illustrator Tang Yau Hoong

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tang yao hoong illustrations

I’m delighted to share the illustrations of Tang Yau Hoong with you. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but I am in awe of talented illustrators, with their ability to take a concept and reimagine it in a visual way. This is brilliant when it’s done well, and I think you all will be blown away by these Tang Yau Hoong’s work, as I am.

What first intrigued me were his pieces cleverly utilizing negative space. You feel like you’re discovering some visual secrets as you look at his work and your eyes shift to recognize a form in an area you initially disregarded as background.

His images are surreal and fun and you can even buy some cool products with his illustrations on them. (I have my eye on a few of his art prints.)

Tang Yao Hoong illustrations

Spend some time perusing the rest of his work on his website, and you can find him on Instagram.

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