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Artist Spotlight: Flora Bowley

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You guys will love this woman. Not only is her art beautiful, she breathes a giant, wonderful ball of light into the online art space.

As you look at Flora Bowley’s paintings, you will see the joy with which she works. I can only imagine how inspiring one of her classes or workshops is. The abstract energy, color, movement that are all co-mingling in her paintings makes me want to grab my paintbrushes and make art all day long.

I truly adore the artists who are not only active with their own work, but also genuinely passionate about helping others to find (or rediscover) their creativity and love of art-making.

As creatives, we could always use more of this encouragement and wildly fun inspiration in our lives. I know I need reminders like this to get out of my head and embrace the surprises and processes of making art. Maybe you do, too?

See more of Flora’s work here, where you can also find out more about her workshops and online classes. Oh, I also dare you to watch the video at the bottom of her homepage and not be all inspired and dancey by the end of it.

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