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The Artful Year • A Book Review

salt glue art project
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When Jean from The Artful Parent decided it would be permissible for me to take a peek at her book and be a part of the official blog tour to help launch the book, I was super excited. I have been admiring Jean and her blog from afar for some time, but I finally got the chance to meet her last October and she is every bit as sweet and creative and wonderful as you would imagine.

This new book, The Artful Year (found here), is a follow up to her first highly acclaimed book, The Artful Parent. This woman is a powerhouse of creative ideas- both books are perfect resources to have on hand if you have kids. I know the internet is a fabulous resource for kids’ activities, but you can’t beat having a group of perfectly curated ideas (physically) at your fingertips.

Brilliantly, this book is sectioned into seasonal activities- and some recipes! I think that’s such a great approach as you can explore what’s going on in the world outside and tie it into some creative activities.

I sat down with the book, armed with post-its, and bookmarked some of my favorite parts, plus things we haven’t done yet that I think my kids might like. I’m always surprised at what Beckett likes to try, and it’s usually not what I’d expect.

For instance, he’ll most likely end up enjoying embroidery even though I’ve cut out a giant kraft paper tree for decorating.


If I was choosing for myself, though? Here’s my list:

  • Blueberry Hand Pies
  • Lighted Cardboard Dollhouse
  • Foil Snowflakes
  • Leaf-print Cloth Napkins
  • German Apple Pancakes
  • Melted Bead Suncatchers
  • Garden Loom
  • Marshmallow Sculptures
  • Leaf Stickers
  • Tissue Paper Nests.

And there are over 150 MORE ideas in there…

Here’s the one I tried, because I saw it and had to do it immediately. It was every bit as cool as it sounded and looked. I won’t give away how exactly to do it (you have to buy the book for that!) But it’s basically a glue/salt/paint method of making the coolest piece of art ever in the world. I’m totally hooked.

Salt Glue Painting


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No? OKAY. Just leave a comment. It can be anything- if you don’t want to think of anything to say, just copy and paste this: “hand raised!”

I’ll choose a winner via in exactly 1 week. Don’t forget to plug your email inso I can reach you- Note: this giveaway is open to residents of the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.  This giveaway will end at midnight EST on Friday February 13, 2014. Winners will be chosen by, and notified via the email attached to the comment. Thanks and good luck!

Can’t wait for your copy of the book? Order it from Amazon and you’ll be crafting away in no time.

salt glue art project


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