Art Resources

Published: July 1, 2017

This page is all about not only art supplies, but all the resources you could possibly need to learn about art, be inspired by art, connect with artists, and create an outlet for showing your art.

Actually: these are the resources I’ve come across and love, but I am always open to hearing about new wonderful resources. Will you shoot me an email if you have something to add?

(This is something of an art resource hub disco.)

Art Supplies

art supplies

Art supplies. Does that phrase make you weak in the knees? Me, too. Walk along the hallowed halls of an art supply store, dragging your gnarly, paint-dried fingers across every tube and drawing utensil you see, and your heart skips several beats: you are an art supply lover.

I buy art supplies at Blick and Amazon, and here is what I buy at each place:

Blick Art Supplies

Golden Acrylic paints

OMG, look at this cool sample set by Golden!


Rives BFK printmaking paper

Fancy papers

Blick paintbrushes

Blick panels

R&F Encaustic supplies


Acrylic mediumsget this set if you haven’t played with mediums before

Foam brushes

Glue sticks

Gelli printing plates

Sketchbooks – I prefer cheap, hardcover, spiral bound sketchbooks, but I know everyone has their favorites…


The Farting Animals Coloring Book


I buy fonts and clip art here:

Creative Market


Art Classes Online

I can’t even believe my tiny little mind how many cool online art classes there are for us to take. I’ve taken a few from each of the following. The great things about online art classes: you can take them at your own pace, you get access to some of the top art teachers around, you can take classes you might not be able to otherwise, and they are cheaper than taking real, live classes. Boom!





Art Books

These are some of my favorite art books, whether they have to do with art techniques or the mindset of being creative:

The War of Art

Do the Work

Louder Than Words

Big Magic

The Artist’s Way

Art Groups/Communities



Empty Easel (art techniques and artist info.)

Art/Creativity Podcasts

The Jealous Curator Podcast (interviews with contemporary artists)- Art for Your Ear

The Accidental Creative (Creative thinking, productivity)

Elise Gets Crafty (Creative small business)

Making Money From Your Art Online

Red Bubble

Society 6



Shopify Store

Fine Art America