Art Prints Giveaway!

You guys! You guys! You guys!

Today is good stuff. I am bringing you a holiday-fun giveaway from Penny of Halfpence Designs.

You may remember a couple of her pieces I featured in my post on Wall Art for Kids, and I am just in love with her style and subject matter. She tends to focus on science and music as subjects, and her pieces are witty, clean and really fun.

Plus she’s adorable. Just look at her:


I stole this image from her blog. I didn’t have time to really do an interview, which I regret, but this is what I know about her: She lives in northern California with her boyfriend and their son. Plus she works as an Art Director.


penny luxe print


penny luxe print


penny luxe print


penny luxe print


penny luxe print


Do you want one? I know you do. Let’s set up a little giveaway and one of these bad boys can be yours. Your kid will have the coolest room on the block based solely on this print.

I am giving away one print to two different winners! Any print of your choosing! So go check out Penny’s Etsy shop at Halfpence Designs, then come back here and tell me which is your favorite. I’ll pick a winner on Friday, so you have until then to enter.

What do you think?


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  1. Must win Colorful Guitars Sing and Play for my 7 year old. Please please please! But the Science Chemistry Periodic Table might be more his thing … music and science are two favorites of his, depends on the day. Everything on that site is great!

  2. Wow! Those are some cool prints. I am married to a scientist, and my son is a musician….I think the ‘I like your brains’ print covers them both.

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