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Art Careers by Personality Type – a Cool Infographic

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I was sent this infographic, and being a sucker for all things visual, I looked at it. The end.

No, just kidding- I think this is pretty interesting- especially if you are mulling over different art careers, or wondering what people actually do to make money in the art world. Granted, I think as with any infographics of this sort, you have to take it with a grain of salt- I remember as a young, impressionable, sensitive sally, I would have looked at this as a bunch of rules.

For instance, if I had a passion for flowers, and I had scanned down the average salaries section, I would have sworn off flowers forever afters seeing the paltry average earnings.

art careers by personality type infographic

Anyway. I also love a good real-world use of the Myers-Briggs personality test, so click on through to take one if you want to see if you would be a better fit as a sexy art director living in a loft in NYC, or a fine artist wearing the requisite beret and scoffing at the bourgeois.

According to this test, I am INFJ – I am hyper-aware of the fact that I’m an introvert, so that’s never a surprise to me. According to the infographic, I would do well to be a graphic designer, art teacher, or art director. Interesting, but fine artists and craft artist are more appealing to me!

How about you? Care to share your results?

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