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About Craftwhack:

This blog is for art lovers and art makers. My aim here is to create a hub of inspiration so powerful you will be rendered useless against making art, buying art, or sharing something you’ve discovered here.

I eat, drink, sleep, dream, and poop art, so it is my absolute pleasure to share this great passion with you and connect with people who feel the same way.

Feel free to jump in and start clicking around the blog randomly, or if you want a little guidance, here are some basic categories I blog about:

Art projects for you to make

Art projects for kids to make

Artists to discover and then fall over dead because they are so amazing

Amazing art and design items (books, art supplies, studios, classes, etc)

Personal Finance (Just kidding, ew)

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About Jeanette:

I am Jeanette Nyberg- RISD graduate, married, 2 kids, 2 step kids, Chicago suburb-dweller. My favorite things to do are: make art, write, nap, laugh at inappropriate times/things, drink iced green tea, make cookies, look at pretty things.

I love to play around with different art techniques, gaze slack-jawed at beautiful design, make super simple DIY concoctions, and struggle to get organized. I have a problem with buying paper planners and calendars.

My husband, Christian makes these amazing bowls and other things by burning wood. His site is here.



I Wrote Two Books!

If you want to have crazy amounts of fun with drawing and tangling, may I present to you Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids. It’s totally not just for kids. My sister and I giggled our butts off as we drank wine and did a lot of these games.

And what do you know?! I wrote a drawing book for adults, too. This one takes all the best parts of drawing, tangling, doodling, and coloring, and smooshes them together in one pretty package.

Here’s an exhaustive list of other things I love, because I also love lists:

Iced green tea, dogs, raspberries, illustration, chick peas, goats, grey, poppies, garnets, pens, slate, eggs, lizards, hair dye, The Bachelor, essential oils, Ellen Degeneres, hotels, grocery lists, notebooks, personified creatures in commercials, podcasts, yoga, salads, chocolate chip cookies, snorkeling, naps, reading, writing, funny tweets, turkey burgers, being alone, road trips, street art, hiking, my bunions, art supplies, office supplies, sarcasm, skin care, pine trees, I will add to this as I see fit.

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