A Splatter Paint Universe

What with all of the scorching hot days around here this summer, we spent an afternoon outside getting extra messy. It made running through the sprinkler afterwards doubly fun.

Here is what we did.

Part one was to splatter paint a bunch of pieces of construction paper with slightly watered-down tempera paint. As the day was a bit windy, the papers kept flying away.

splatter paint cups


We beat Mother Nature by taping them to the swings.

splatter painting project | Artchoo


It ended up being more fun to paint the papers upright- paint flew everywhere. Try a variety of tools to fling the paint. loading up a toothbrush with paint and running your thumb away from the paper will shoot little splatters onto the paper, while big, sweeping flings with a paint brush will give you nice large splatters.

Giggles were heard for miles away.

spatter paint space project | Artchoo


splatter paint pages

Part two happened after the paint had dried and we punched and cut holes of different sizes out of the papers.

These are your planets. You can use as many or as few as you want and glue them onto black paper. I guess this is more of a solar system. If they are feeling extra crazy, they could add some more awesome objects to make it more of a universe.

If you want to throw extra writing practice at your kids, have them create a story about their solar system including:

  • planet names
  • inhabitants
  • atmosphere
  • vegetation
  • food
  • language
  • transportation
  • pets
universe art project
Behold the “Zamoosh” universe



washable tempera paints

Perhaps washable  temperas are a good choice for this project.




melissa and doug construction paper



construction paper



big paint brushes




big old paint brushes






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What do you think?

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  1. You could also squirt the paint from the bottles directly or stick your hands into a couple colors and flick them.

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