A Lonely Beast Teaches ABCs

As usual, I’m not on the cutting edge of reviewing things, so 4 months later, I’ll feature an AWESOME app for teaching your wee ones ABCs. I’m seriously in love with this thing- when something can appeal to kids and adults alike, I’m on board, and this app is not only beautifully thought out and illustrated, it’s effective as a teaching tool.

It’s based on Chris Judge’s picture book The Lonely Beast, published in 2011. It was met with such great reviews that they (Chris Judge, James Kelleher and Simon Judge), decided an app would be a good idea. Good. Thinking.




In James’ words, “We already knew how well children connected with The Lonely Beast”, says James, “and I’d really fallen for the character myself, as soon as I saw the book. So we decided to lock Chris in a moderately comfortable garden shed until he’d come up with 26 new hand-drawn scenes featuring the Beast and his friends. Once that was done, we set about making them come to life.”

At first I thought it was just a fun app to read through with your child to show them letters. Then I realized it’s interactive! Each letter screen held new surprises, from being able to help the beast play the drums on ‘D’, to choosing the best necktie for Beast on letter ‘T’.




Beckett is drawn to it because he is just figuring out his fingering on a smartphone. He still hasn’t found all of the things you can do on every page, so it stays fresh. And with each page you get the letter pronounced, plus the word it stands for.

The app is going for $2.99 on iTunes, and we’ve only tried the iPhone version. Incidentally, our favorite letter is ‘E’. Check it out.

What do you think?

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