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5 Weeks of Gift Giving: DIY Gifts

9 DIY holiday gifts to give your special friends and super family
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Here we are again! Pragmatic Mom and I teamed up this week on sharing DIY gifts for you. G’wan, git. You have time to make ALL of these before the holidays.

9 DIY holiday gifts to give your special friends and super family

1. A bowl project. Behold the brightness and fun! What if you were so crafty that you printed a few small secret personal photos on some of the fabric scraps and added those in? Hmm? You little crafty butt.

2. I’m simply hysterical over these little pearl hairpins. Somebody smack me across the face. I need to make some nowwwww.

3. I hate baths, but I love a good beauty product. These sugar scrubs are easy with a capital YEEHAW! And they make your skin feel like a baby’s booty.

4. These leather wrap bracelets are always a good idea, and why haven’t I made any yet for people? I keep pinning and sharing bracelet DIY projects that other people have made…

5. Can you imagine the shrieky oohs and aaahs that would come out of peoples’ faces if they opened a box with these little delights tucked within? They’re simply the cutest things ever.

6. Make a Blurb book – (save 25% until November 11!) My Blurb book from Christian is one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. I love how easy they make it to get your photos into book form. Remember those photo albums where the plastic protector is supposed to cover over the photos that are supposed to stay stuck to the page and then all of that stickiness breaks down over the years and all your photos fall out and you curse the 80’s? Update: Blurb is having a special for new customers- $15 off for new customers on orders of $40+ Click through and use the code GIVE15. It’s good through November 17. Wee-oot!

7. Do you know someone who loves to knock down a fancy cocktail now and again? Blow their tiny mind with this DIY cocktail bitters sugar cubes recipe, because aren’t they supercool?

8. Cheesemaking kit – because CHEESE CHEESE CHEESE. Alternatively, you could buy someone a cow as a unique DIY gift.

9. DIY marbled ring dish with a fancy gold border. It’s impossible to have too many wonderful little bowls, right?

Here’s the schedule in case you want to mark it on your calendar and set alarms and notifications to remember to not miss a thing!

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Holiday gift guide- 9 DIY gift ideas

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