5 Cool Things: Back to School Stuff

Back to school shopping starts for me in July, and keeps going well through September. It’s an epic event, and I accidentally end up buying myself new office supplies as well, because of all the organizing and planning and things and stuff to do.

So even though you may have the basics bought for your kids already, (or maybe you’re trolling for cute stuff for yourself), here are some MORE THINGS TO BUY!

Cool back to school supplies

1. I love this pencil case. I bought it in grey chevron, and it’s the perfect size. It’s cute. It’s awesome. I largely avoided the chevron craze, because it scared me when everything in the world was chevron. Now that it’s becoming passe for many DIY and lifestyle bloggers, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon.

2. Lamps, right? I bet you didn’t think of lamps as a back-to-school item. That’s why I’m the tastemaker here. I’m not going to go into why I hate that bloggers are being called ‘tastemakers’ now, but I will tell you that I need to buy a lamp for Fen’s desk, and this one is awesome. I can’t decide between this and a clip lamp, though- she doesn’t have much desk surface space.

Really cute personalized school labels

3. Labels. You need labels if you have kids, and you need them to be cute. There’s nothing bad about green aliens, and Minted has loads of different label styles.

Cool personalized chalkboard label

And then this is the label I’d buy for myself. For something. Don’t know what, yet. Doesn’t matter. (Remember I’m changing my name back to Craftwhack?)


Marbleized spiral notebook

4. Hello, gorgeous notebook. Come jump on my table and let me cover you with words. This is the perfect example of something I’d buy for Fen, and then steal it from her school supply bag when I needed to crack open my 5th new notebook of the month.

Mochithings organizers

5. Do you know Mochithings? Ever since Pinterest started selling ads, they are advertising pins like crazy, and it’s worked for them. Their stuff is so great. Like, I just got sucked into their site for 25 minutes trying to decide which product to even show here. It’s a heaven for organization geeks.

If you managed to make it back here from the Mochi site, why don’t you just go ahead and join me on the Facebook. It’s this new social media channel that I think might be really popular some day.

What do you think?


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