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5 Alternative Easter Egg Ideas

Easter eggs alternative

alternative ways to decorate Easter eggs by Craftwhack

I wasn’t gonna do it, but then I kept seeing all of those Easter egg projects on Pinterest, so I rounded up the bunch of weirdos I call my family and we had a good, old-fashioned Easter egg-makin’ whoop-de-do.

Only I decided we were to make alternative Easter eggs, because there are probably a zillion different cool ways to decorate eggs, and I just wanted to try my hand at a few I’ve seen floating around the Pinterest lately.

Easter eggs

Chalkboard paint

Here’s the trite one in the group. Chalkboard paint. Stop rolling your eyes up into your silly little head and just admit that chalkboard paint is still where it’s at.

chalkboard paint eggs from Craftwhack.comBuy chalkboard paint here.

Paper collage on Eggs

I’ve had the newspaper egg floating around the house for years and makes me the happiest person on the planet. (It’s a wooden craft store egg.) Just rip up words from scrapbook paper, book pages or newspapers (do they make newspapers anymore?), glue them on and slap a coat of Mod Podge on top if you’re so inclined.

collage eggs from Craftwhack.comBuy: Mod Podge, cute scrapbook papers, wooden eggs. (I bought my wooden eggs at Hobby Lobby.)

Sharpie Eggs

Sharpies of course. Because nothing says Easter like smelly permanent markers….

Sharpie eggs from

These were actually our favorites to do, and even Christian made a special Sharpie egg. Guess which one is Fen’s and which is Christian’s.

Sharpie set I just bought and used for these and hide away from everyone.

Bleeding tissue paper

Little squares of bleeding art tissue placed all over a wet egg makes for a super snappy-looking egg with a riot of colors all over. For some reason, the blue/green combo came out much better than the other. I think I will buy this bleeding tissue next time, because it gets awesome reviews.

Bleeding Tissue eggs from

String around the old middle eggs

Wrap ’em if you got ’em. folks. Glue. Embroidery thread. Coolness.

embroidery thread eggs from

Of course, we’re still dying eggs this week for Easter, so we’ll pretty much have a 3 hour long egg hunt Sunday morning, but it was fun to get all crafty and experimental with these. If you want to keep your eggs after you put this much work into them, I suggest buying the wooden eggs or blowing the innards out of your eggs.

5 Alternative Easter egg decorating ideas from

Can’t even get enough Easter egg crafts? Try these really fun string Easter eggs. 

Written by Joanne Gonzales

Joanne Gonzales has a passion for getting creative. Whether she is making personalized DIY gifts or taking part in larger arts and crafts projects, she puts her all into making new and beautiful things.

She lives with a group of close friends and believes in the natural way of life. Joanne has built an outdoor arts and crafts gallery that overlooks the countryside in her hometown, which is where all of her creations come to life.

Art started off as a hobby, but over time Joanne has mastered her skills and sold some of her favorite pieces. She works full time as a florist and has done for many years. It helps keep her creative juices flowing and she hopes to one day open her own florist shop with a twist.


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  1. It’s hard to get white eggs anymore in NZ…brown is all that’s on the shelves, even at Easter. I used to have a heap of fun colouring eggs with my mother and grandmother and continued the pleasure with my children.
    However, the last time I went hunting for white eggs, I found white pullet eggs at a roadside stall and on the way back I stopped at a Pet Store my son had warned me not to go into and came home with a $400 black people cat – Mandalay breed, now named Ninja Nightstalker…who is my boon companion. From white egg search to black cat find.

    • Oh, no! That’s actually too bad about the eggs- we usually have eggs from 6-7 different companies, in so many options: cage free, vegetarian-fed, organic, etc, it’s ridiculous. On a funny note, we dropped my daughter off Sunday to sell Girl Scout cookies, and came home with a new puppy. 🙂

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