Halloween Spooky Easy Spiderweb

black and white glue paintng that resembles a spiderweb

This spiderweb glue drawing was originally day #9 in a 31-day drawing adventure I took on a few Octobers ago. I experimented with a bunch of techniques, and it was mostly playful and light. 

I didn’t want it to necessarily be anything I took a lot of time on or that felt very precious, but more of just a challenge for me to make a small piece of art every day for a month.

I’m pleased to say I stuck with it, even if a bunch of the pieces are utter crap. 🙂

I have them all compiled here in a single post, but I wanted to keep this one separate since I show the steps to make the glue/paint spiderweb below.

glue in a spiral on paper to make a paint glue spiderweb art

glue and paint used to make a spiderweb painting

Step 1: Using clear glue, draw a spiral starting from the center of the paper. I used a square piece of printmaking paper, but you could also use watercolor paper.

Step 2: Drip a few little globs of black acrylic craft paint around the spider web.

Step 3: Using the end of a paintbrush, or something similar, draw lines out from the center of the web to the edges. Let it dry!


Fun-n-easy. I dare you to paint a little spider in there.

paint and glue spiderweb craft

What do you think?


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