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31 Drawings: Day 3

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31 drawings - one a day for the month of October from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Who wants to see my third drawing?? This is proving to be a fun series. I started this one yesterday, by soaking the paper (Rives BFK printmaking paper) in red liquid watercolor.

Bleach drawing- day 3 of my 31 drawings project for the month of October


Today, after it had dried I whipped out the jug of bleach and drew it on using a Q-tip. It is cool coolness to see the color disappear slowly from the painted paper.

You can do this technique with fabric, too, but try it on a small, hidden area of the fabric first, because bleach doesn’t always bleach fabric out completely white. Fen and I tried bleach-drawing some black tennis shoes, and the bleach areas turned orange. ACK.

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