19 Fun Valentine Doodle Art Designs You Can Do Easily

19 fun valentine doodle art designs you can do easily

Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and what better way to celebrate than by creating some fun Valentine Doodles!?

Doodling is the perfect way to unwind AND get creative! These Valentine Doodles are fun, easy to draw, and get you excited for Valentine’s Day! Get inspired with these 19 Fun Valentine Doodle Art Designs You Can Do Easily!

Doodling comes in handy to ease boredom, gives you something to add to your sketchbook when you are wanting to unwind, it can be used to create a cute Valentine’s card for a friend or loved one, you can decorate a bullet journal and so much more! For inspiration on more doodle art designs check out these 45 Super Cool Doodle Ideas you can create or these Fun Winter Doodle Designs.

Below you will see inspiration for 19 Fun Valentine Doodles you can do too! Grab some paper, your favorite coloring tools, and a black pen, and let’s unwind and get creative together!

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19 Valentine Doodles You Can Create Today

  1. Heart Cupcake
  2. Heart box of chocolates
  3. Heart ice cream cone
  4. Heart text
  5. Heart with wings
  6. Hearts in a bottle
  7. Heart flower
  8. Cupid Heart
  9. Love ribbon
  10. Rose
  11. Hugs and Kisses XO
  12. Lips
  13. Teddy bear
  14. Cup with hearts
  15. Heart locket
  16. Love letter
  17. Valentine card
  18. Chocolate dipped strawberry
  19. Hot air balloon

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Materials Needed for your Valentine Doodle Session:

  • black fine point ink pen
  • use a sketchbook, watercolor paper or white print paper all work great
  • coloring pencils, crayons, markers, watercolor paint or nothing at all – if you prefer to leave your doodles black and white

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What are some possible benefits of doodling?

  • It is believed that those that doodle feel less stress.
  • It may be beneficial to mental health and brain functionality.
  • Is a great outlet for creative self expression.

How to get started with doodling?

  • Set aside time to doodle.
  • Get inspired by looking at things around you that represents the season or time you are in.
  • Find a sketchbook or journal you love and a fine point black ink pen. We love these sketchbooks!
  • Relax, stop overthinking and get CREATIVE!

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Ideas of What to do with your Doodle Art Designs:

  • You need NO agenda besides pure enjoyment. Take the pressure off, kick back and enjoy getting creative!
  • Color your doodle sheet, gift it to a friend, create a Valentine card or give to a child to color.
  • Cut out your valentine doodles and use them as gift cards or to decorate a letter or craft

There are so many ways to put your creative ideas into your doodle designs, things to doodle and create and benefits to taking time to doodle! We are really enjoying all things doodling, zentangle, drawing and sketching lately and hope you find inspiration in these 19 Fun Valentine Doodle Art Design ideas too.

If you like this art project making simple doodles you may enjoy even more doodling ideas. Here are more doodle design inspiration for the Winter season!

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Written by Stefanie Davis

Stefanie is a mom of 4, farmer's wife and life long creative. She loves cooking and getting creative with art in her free time and by day she is a professional content creator. She loves creating crafts and art that inspire others to lean into their creativity, unwind and just simply enjoy life more!


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