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10 Chicago Picture Books

10 fantastic Chicago picture books

I decided to see what sorts of Chicago picture books were out there in the world. I keep meaning to focus a little more on picture books in some of my posts, and then I go getting all caught up in projects!

10 fantastic Chicago picture books

I found a few Chicago picture books, and I was really impressed with the variety and quality. If you have young ones in the Chicago area, or are planning a visit here at some point, check these out to give your kids another level of learning about the area.



First up is 123 Chicago A Cool Counting Book – It’s always promising when a kids’ book has the word ‘cool’ in the title – this is a good, sturdy board book featuring a bunch of classic Chicago symbols- my favorite is that it was written when the Sears Tower was still called the Sears Tower.


Chicago picture booksPoor Larry, going and getting lost in Chicago. I would completely freak out if I got lost in Chicago, but Larry is pretty adventuresome. As he and his family try to find each other throughout the city, we get to learn about different landmarks and Chicago features through sweet retro illustrations and rhyme. Larry Gets Lost in Chicago


Count To Sleep Chicago - a Roundup of Chicago picture books •

Count To Sleep Chicago is a sweet, simple counting book that covers the Chicago basics in a colorful way. I like the addition of blues musicians in this book – so Chicago.


A roundup of awesome Chicago picture books •

I love picture books for older kids, and this beautifully illustrated book appeals to the over-7 set mostly. Search for the red cardinal on the pages as you learn all about Chicago with your kids. This would be a pretty awesome pre-Chicago-visit-gift. Journey Around Chicago from A to Z 


Great roundup of Chicago picture books •

Hooray for graphic novels! I wish they more more prevalent when I was a kid; I might have actually learned some history. This one just got thrown into my Amazon cart because I can’t wait to read it with Fen. There are tons of graphic novels covering historical events! Who knew? I’m so excited. The Great Chicago Fire of 1871


Great picks for Chicago picture books -

Gorgeous watercolor illustrations! And this book is packed full of information about places, people, and historical facts that have molded Chicago. W is For Windy City


This might be one of the coolest premises for a kids’ book ever. You get to explore Chicago from high above as you flip through the aerial photos taken by Robert Cameron. The book is written by his granddaughter, Nina Gruener. Above Chicago

city doodles - a roundup of awesome chicago picture books by

Part activity book, part city guide for kids, this book will engage your kids to learn about Chicago and add their own special touches. City Doodles Chicago





Lastly, You’ll probably need to choose your baseball team allegiance if you live around Chicago, and it’s likely your parents will have a hand in helping you form your opinion. Once you know, you’ll definitely be wanting to buy the corresponding book. Chicago Cubs 101Chicago White Sox 101

Written by Joanne Gonzales

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  1. Wow I love all these! I had no idea they existed!

    • Yay for Chicago picture books, huh? I’m really having a hard time trying to narrow down which ones to buy…

  2. Well, you know I love a good book list! I’ve got two more Chicago picture books for you: Beaver is Lost and The Great Horse-Less Carriage Race. I reviewed them on my book blog in case you are interested. Your comment system won’t let me leave the URL but you can find them on my book blog Storied Cities.

    • Hey! I didn’t know you had another blog. And it’s more books! You are amazing- I guess it’s easy to get lost around Chicago if Beaver and Larry are both getting lost there. I wonder why you can’t leave a link- it must be some weird Comment Luv thing.

  3. LOVE your list! Wow, what a great selection of picture books about Chicago!!!

    • Thanks! That’s flattering coming from you, Mia!

  4. Hey, that does look like a real interesting book list. Especially the one drawn by that Daniel Chaffin guy 😉
    But for real, historical graphic novels have great potential and now I’m curious to see if Larry makes any beaver – or other such rodentia – friends in his travels…

    • It’s amazingly ironic that you have the same name as that illustrator. Crazy….. (I love the illustrations, by the way!)

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