Virginia Melnyk

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Virginia Melnyk Designs

I love me some good installation art. The idea of creating this BIG physical experience, that changes the way people interact with the space it inhabits- is so powerful.

Virginia Melnyk’s Summer Igloo first caught my eye because it is bright and bubbly and silly- basically a dome┬ámade up of pool floaties. Immediately you visualize hoards of happy kids running around and hiding within the domes, and it must be the ultimate in satisfaction to see people sprinting toward your artwork, ready to experience the hell out of it.

Virginia Melnyk Designs

Her other installations are equally playful, but as the materials change, so does the vibe. I am in love with her window pieces – especially the huge fabric piece, that is gauzy and ethereal with its pastel colors.

Virginia Melnyk Designs - as seen on Art Makes People || Contemporary artists and makers

See more of Virginia’s work here, including concept pieces that I would love to see in real life:



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