Sumptuous Linen Goods by Rough Linen

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Am I mistaken in thinking there are ‘linen people’ and ‘non-linen people’?

Rather than being just a fabric, linen symbolizes a lifestyle. That sounds so trite, eh? I still feel like when I wear linen I’m one of those gorgeous European moms who makes all her food from scratch (from the back yard garden), arranges armfuls of flowers in vases weekly, and twirls through the dappled sunlight with her flush-cheeked children.

It’s all about the color, the texture, the drape, the feel – linen is a magical fabric, really.

Rough Linen bedding

Tricia Rose has created an entire line of pure magic on her site, Rough Linen. She explains how her products were inspired by a pillowslip handed down to her that was made in 1840. She began with bedding, and has since added other products like robes, towels, and the amazing pinafore I bought from her last year.

I love my pinafore.

Check out the goods at Rough Linen, and follow on Instagram here.


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