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You walk into Kmart and are drawn magnetically to a certain area in the store. You start walking in that direction, unsure where your legs will take you. After you pause for a moment to chat with the big Adam Levine face, you continue on your journey. You’ve been given the opportunity through Joe Boxer pajamas from Kmart to experience some of their pajamas, and it’s up to you now to
Adam Levine Kmart Poster
The jewelry almost lures you over, but you resist the sparkles and take the remaining few steps to…
Joe Boxer pajamas at KMart
Truly, this is a pajama-seeking mother’s wonderland. It is a sea of color, patterns, and fuzzy warm goodness and you drop to your knees, arms raised in 2 fists, the beginning of a primordial scream forming on your lips.
That makes you thirsty, so you stand up and take a slurp of your tea, and then start browsing the racks.
Joe Boxer has like a billion different styles of pajamas to choose from. I was seriously a little intimidated, and then I started poking around and pulled out several contenders for each kid. The best part was that the styles didn’t focus on one genre, if that makes sense. There are some cutey-cute ones, some totally cool styles, some that are somewhat more subdued. I want to work on their design team so I can go nuts designing pajamas.
It took me way linger than it should have, because I was trying to choose based on what they would like, what I thought would photograph well, what would look good together- I went into a bit of a shopper’s paralysis. I had approximately 10 options piled on my cart, and then I just decided to pick the 2 I like at first.
So what is it about pajamas that make kids instantly cuter? Seriously, I barely liked my kids before this venture and now I can’t get enough of them. No wonder holiday pajamas are such a popular thing- I’m totally doing this every year now. I think the combo of adorable patterns, bright colors, and utter coziness are a winning combo.
kids in Christmas pajamas
PJ’s are also obviously the perfect Christmas gift, are they not? It’s practically a requirement to buy new ones for everyone each year. I had forgotten how much my sister and I loved our matching pajamas we got on Christmas every year when we were kids- (we’d probably love them more now.) In fact, they have pajamas for adults, too, because you know we deserve to be completely adorable, too.
Do you know a man who would NOT love these elf pajama sleepy shorts and hat?
elf pj bottoms for men
Anywhoodle, now you may kick back with a giant hot cocoa and watch these Joe Boxer videos:

This is a sponsored post written by moi on behalf of Joe Boxer available at Kmart. 


  1. 12/08/2014 / 8:30 pm

    Since my wardrobe is almost exclusively from the kids’ section of Target and K-mart respectively (I’m not kidding) I took serious note of this post 🙂

    • 12/08/2014 / 8:36 pm

      I love you. Are you teeny? Even though you blog about food? NICE. Okay. now you know where to buy your pj’s.

  2. 12/09/2014 / 3:00 pm

    Good pajamas are worth writing about. Seriously. And love that alternative rocker skull pattern on your little boy!

    • 12/10/2014 / 12:53 am

      Thanks Agnes! Good pajamas are just plain good all around- we need to figure out how to make them a socially acceptable as yoga pants to be out and about in.

  3. 01/06/2015 / 9:21 am

    We do new christmas pajamas each year – we get them a little early on a special day where we do absolutely nothing but watch xmas movies (no requirement on how cheesy – they can be horrible – we do not care) and we order enough chinese food to eat it for both lunch and dinner. we light a fire to warm our tootsies and it is always a glorious day.

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