Halloween Sigg Bottles

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I finally realized something this year about Halloween. I’m not much of a costume person, but I LOVE Halloween decorations and accessories.

In fact, we were going to dress Beckett in a ratty old Batman costume we’ve had for years. After he wore it for 3 days in a row, and I got the chance to look at it too many times, I concluded that we should maybe buy him a new costume for Halloween. By the way, for as many projects as I make for Artchoo, I am not a sewer. I’m not one of those awesome DIY people who can make anything they can dream up. We go the store-bought costume route every year.

We managed to score a skeleton costume in his size. (Have you ever tried to find a costume during the week or so before Halloween?)

So back to the Halloween accessories. My kids were sent a couple of Sigg bottles to carry around trick-or-treating, and this is the thing I am most excited about for Halloween. Besides sneaking their candy, of course. I’ve always bought the cheap knockoffs of these bottles, but as with everything else, it makes such a difference when you buy the higher-quality item.


What do you do when you’re sent cool Sigg bottles? You do a Halloween fashion shoot, of course.

Look how spooky!

Halloween Sigg bottles

Halloween Sigg bottles

glow in the dark Sigg bottle


Do you outfit your kids with water bottles, flashlights and special trick-or-treat bags for Halloween? There’s still time to score some of this stuff if you’re an Amazon Prime member. Or if you want to race out to the stores.

My second favorite thing about these Sigg bottles is that they’re awesome for taking water to bed.


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  1. 10/30/2013 / 6:41 am

    Bonjour! I’m touring your site for Halloween ideas – not that I’ll steal them, of course, but one does need inspiration for t’ blog. English folk don’t really celebrate it like the Americans do; I remember growing up watching Hollywood films with this “trick or treat”ing lark and being confused by it all.

    Zombies seem to be popular these days so I think I’ll go with this. Enjoy the celebration!

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