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Don’t miss shots like this one:


Scene: your daughter’s first dance recital. You’ve just spent 2 hours gelling and pinning her hair back into a bun while she wiggles and screams at you. She’s been in her costume for that whole 2 hours because she’s basically been in it for the last 2 days straight.

You all bustle out the door, into the car, and drive the 1/2 hour to the venue. Your daughter is so excited she can’t stop chattering on about EVERYTHING. You and your husband giggle at each other.

Once you arrive at the auditorium, you find the room where all the little dancers are to meet, and your daughter spies her BFFFFFF. They hold each others’ arms and jump up and down wildly, and you grab your phone to capture the hilariously strange moment.

Frame the shot.

Wait until they have landed from mid-air.

Press the button….

Press the button 5 more times….

Where’s the click? Why didn’t it click? Why did my %$@!_&*% camera just do nothing?

Then you spy the dreaded message that there’s no more room on your phone. It’s full of all those pictures your son took of his toe when you were trying to distract him for 5 minutes earlier that day.

You maniacally start deleting toe pictures, but the parents are being hustled out of the holding area so the dancers can get ready. You missed capturing the moment, and now instead of focusing on the excitement of the recital, you’re scowling at your camera, wondering why this always happens exactly when it’s no supposed to.

Apparently this happens to a lot of people because…. there’s an app for that. POW!

It’s called Room For More and besides saving your life at moments like this, it’s also super-intuitive and great-looking. (How many apps out there solve a problem but are impossible to use or really ugly?)

Room for More app in use

The reasons I love it are:

  1. Other means of saving photos to free up space are confusing and I can’t figure them out.
  2. I take FAR too many photos in a row of the same thing in hopes of capturing the *perfect* shot.
  3. You press one little button to start moving photos to your secure cloud storage vault, i.e. it doesn’t use your brainpower, i.e. stress levels go down.
  4. Did I mention it was pretty? Pretty is important to me, and I won’t apologize for it.
  5. Their support phone number and email are on their homepage. They want you to call them with questions.

Room for More app

More info. on Room for More:

  • You can get all of your full-size photos back on your phone at any time from the Room for More app- they don’t steal them and eat them.
  • When you sign up for Room for More, you get your own referral code, so if you refer people and they sign up, you earn free storage!
  • You only pay for the room you need; you won’t be paying for space you don’t use.
  • You can easily share photos that aren’t even on your phone anymore.



You will love it, too. The first 200 of you who just go create an account will get 5GB of FREE cloud storagejust go here and you’ll be off to the races! Cooking with fire! Shooting with confidence!

Room for More is on social media here:






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