3 Picture Books Creative Parents Will Adore

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3 creative picture books

I pick books for Beckett by the cover. If they aren’t pretty, we don’t get them. HOW SHALLOW AM I? I can’t help it- I love a beautifully-illustrated picture book, and I found 3 of them recently that all sort of magically fell into the category of, “help your kids to think about creating and making and being inspired”. I’m sure that’s soon to be a new book genre.

This book by Lois Ehlert is so inspiring and wonderful- I started to read it to Beckett, and then he grew a little bored by it, but I squirreled it away into the corner of the couch and fed my creative soul with inspiration about Lois Ehlert’s creative processes.

She includes so much detail, including glimpses of her collections, workspace, and past. It’s a creative person’s dream, so I think this book should be reserved for older kids and maker adults.

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OHMYGOD I loved this book, and I loved that Beckett got to see some really cool famous buildings designed by really cool famous architects, and that we got to point to the buildings we each liked best, and share an architectural bond.

This book is seriously so clever with how it pairs the real building with the blocks or toys that very well could have inspired their architects. You also are treated to some mini-bios of the architects at the end of the book.

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Showing you how even more shallow I am, I solely picked this out because I liked the way the type was handled on the cover. I didn’t even see that it was a story of Horace Pippin. In fact, I didn’t really know too much about old Horace to begin with, except that he was an African American painter at some point in the past.

Now I do, and I love this sweet story. And obviously I love the collagey illustrations inside, and I super-love self-taught artists, anyway. And I super-duper love that he didn’t start seriously making art until after age 40. YES!

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  1. 06/24/2015 / 8:11 am

    Great selections! My mom is a children’s book illustrator so I love picture books as a RULE!

    • 06/26/2015 / 1:45 pm

      Ooh- I bet you had lots of amazing kid books growing up. I see how you were inspired to do your awesome illustrations now…

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