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Oh my. I just rewrote this first paragraph about The Paper Source, because I thought it was just a Chicago-area business. I hadn’t realized how much they’ve grown, with stores in 19 states! So they’re probably not much of a secret to everyone out there, right? Do you know about Paper Source?

If not, I will introduce you, because it’s one of the best places on earth.

They began as a fancy paper store and have expanded to offer all sorts of upscale crafting stuff, unique gifty things, and of course amazing papers, cards, stationery, etc.

I was browsing around the other day and wanted to buy everything for myself, but decided it would probably be a better idea to plan some Christmas presents, so here are some of my picks for gifts from the Paper Source, all of which are stellar.

1. Custom stationery for the kids for thank you notes

Faux Bois A6 Stationery

When I was a kid, my mom would buy us the stuffiest notecards and envelopes, embossed with our initials in flowing script. This is the stuff of 80 year old women, not kids. Paper Source has lots of really cute options for more modern, younger notecards. It’s so mean to pass these off as a gift to them, but it’s funny, too. Faux Bois A6 Stationery


2. Notecards and envelopes in fun shapes and colors for my sister

Strawberry Circle Card - 20 Pack
I have used these for everything from thank you notes after an interview to craft time with the kids. And, ooooooh look at the pretty colors they come in! Strawberry Circle Card – 20 Pack


circle card colors from Paper Source


3. Address stamps for my dad and in-laws. Nobody can read my dad’s scrawl, so I’ll at least save people the pain of trying to decipher who their Christmas cards are coming from.

custom address stamps from Paper Source
Nameplate Custom Stamp

Extra Fine White Chalk Ink Marker




4.White chalkboard marker! My daughter will freak out at how cool this is, and I might pick up a few for her friends as well. It’s a great stocking stuffer, but I also like it as a present topper – kids can practice writing down coffee drinks for their future barista jobs….
White Chalk Ink Marker




Picture This Rubber Stamp5. Polaroid Rubber stamp – even if they don’t know what a Polaroid is (Eep!), kids will still get a kick out using this stamp and drawing their own small pictures inside. Picture This Rubber Stamp







6. Paper Doll kit! With clothes and accessory stencils, different papers and…. pets! These are adorable.
Paper Doll Kit

Paper Doll Kit


Fingerprinting Art Set

7. Would you not have a blast with this Fingerprinting Art Set? Your kids will, too. I love that it comes with mini pencils and stamps, too.
Fingerprinting Art Set








Remote Control Astronaut
8. Astronauts are cool! Little remote control astronauts are super-cool. My dog would bark incessantly at this thing, but I bet my kids wouldn’t ever stop playing with it.
Remote Control Astronaut

Xyron 510 Creative Station Machine


9. These little Xyron machines are the best. Here’s what you can make with them: labels, stickers, cards, invitations, magnets, laminated items. And you don’t plug it in. It’s operated by that little crank you see on the side. How low-tech! 
Xyron 510 Creative Station Machine





10. Great for an older kid, this book on book-making would inspire hours of creativity. Making your own books is so satisfying, and this contains lots of different techniques and step-by-step instructions.
How To Make Books

How To Make Books
Be sure to also check out their……

Stocking Stuffers
Holiday Gift Wrap
Paper Source Gift Card

I’m not just saying all of this wonderful stuff about Paper Source because I’m an affiliate, I truly, madly, deeply love them.



  1. 10/29/2012 / 8:58 pm

    OMG, I must get that adhesive gizmo for my middle kid. Such cool stuff. You know, we have a Paper Source IN MY TOWN but I had no idea it all this cool stuff! I must be living under a rock or something!

    • 10/30/2012 / 12:05 pm

      Well, let me know after you’ve visited and walked out with $3,000 worth of goods.

  2. 11/05/2012 / 7:24 pm

    1. It was lovely to meet you at #BBCChicago!
    2. I love your blog! It’s so much fun and right up my alley.
    3. I’m in love with Paper Source! We have one here in Nashville.
    4. I must have that Polaroid stamp!
    5. Hope to chat with you soon! Have a great night, Jeanette!

    • 11/06/2012 / 3:09 pm

      It was great to meet you, too! Love your blog. I’m thinking that Polaroid stamp would be pretty fun, huh?

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