My Latest Loves

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My latest loves are these. And I feel the need to share them with you, because true love should be spread around like the twinkly, breathtaking enchantment it is.

I’ll begin with my very favorite. Christian is probably getting tired of hearing me tell him how much I love my wallet. In fact, he may be a little jealous based on how much I yammer on about it. I’d better sleep with it under my pillow from now on so he doesn’t kill it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 8.24.29 AM

I got mine in a yellow color, which I don’t see here- maybe the Doe color is closer, but it looks weird in the pic on Amazon. I researched clutch-wallets for weeks before I bought mine, and it’s the best wallet I’ve ever owned. Why?

1. It opens up flat with slots for your 3 most-used cards (ATM card, Target card, license). When you drive 80 mph everywhere, you need your license a lot.

2. Each half opens up with clasps, (I hate zippers on wallets) and the pockets are ROOMY. Think: phone, wads of cash, business cards, condoms. Plus, one side has 6 more slots for more cards. There are a few zippered pockets, another few open pockets, and you have room for everything you could possibly want to carry around.

3. The leather is soft and fun to pet as a substitute for a lapdog.

The only thing I’m not crazy about is the pattern on the inner fabric. I wish instead of paisley it was striped, but I’ve gotten used to it. Each color has a different inside fabric pattern.

Next up is my vegetable chopper. I left a carrot tantalizingly poised in this thing for when Christian came home from work last week. Then I made him chop it so that he could experience the satisfaction of chopping a carrot in one fell swoop! Whoop! Why? Why have I not had this stupid thing in my life before now?

Coconut Oil! Have you already fallen in love with coconut oil? I use the Spectrum because it doesn’t have much of a smell, and I’m not a fan of the strong coconutty smell like in the Trader Joe’s coconut oil. It gives me the vomits. You can probably find it in your grocery store, and it’s cheaper there than on Amazon.

I use it on my face, my itchy shins (why are my shins itchy? Dunno.) I use it for cooking, and I slather it on Beckett after his shower. I have not used it on my hair, although people swear by it to give dry hair a boost. I also use it in my beloved sugar scrub recipe.

coconut oil

Hello, new mop. Yes, I did spend $40 on a mop, but it’s more of a “cleaning system”, ahem, and I loves it. Christian and Stefan use the same mop at their studio. I have no idea why I just told you that. Maybe because we were dorkily excited when we found out we had the same mop at home and at his work.

So I whip up a mixture of Murphy’s oil soap and water to keep in the bottle, and spray it out all over the place and mop up everything with glee. I was so happy to throw away my stupid Swiffer thing. It wasn’t a horrible pain in the ass to us, I just hated going through so many disposable pads, and they smelled like perfumey air fresheners of doom.

The only problem I have with the new mop is that when I leave it propped up against the wall, because I’m too lazy to put it away, it startles me all day long when I see it out of the corner of my eye and think it’s a person waiting to kill me.


That’s about it. I don’t think I love anything else this week. Not a thing. Except the fact that it’s going to be in the 70’s here today and I may just streak through the neighborhood screaming profanity-lace goodbyes to Old Man Winter.

Tell me something you love that you have bought recently.


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  1. 05/06/2015 / 12:42 pm

    I hope Christian reads your blog so he knows what to get you for Mothers Day!

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