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With my own eyes I saw some pretty pictures this past week, and since sharing is my middle name, here ya go: (click on each pic to transport yourself to their origins.)

cool stairsFrom Adventurous Design Quest– photographer Paul Massey’s house

From emmasdesignblogg– photographer Fred van ‘t Slot’s home



cake from– wedding planning site


The following are from three different places I know of to score reclaimed architectural elements.

This first one is a new web store called Relique. Check out their site at– it’s really lovely!



This next piece is from Architectural Artifacts at 4325 N. Ravenswood in Chicago. What would you do with it? I feel like, besides kitchen junk, you could use it to hold crafty materials in your awesome studio.


The next three items are from Salvage One at 1840 W. Hubbard in Chicago. It’s a sprawling warehouse full of these sorts of finds- I couldn’t resist including the airplane toilet/sink combo. I want it!

This last group I saw featured on a new blog I found, called Happiness Is and I can’t stop thinking about it, because it melted my cold heart. Check out these photos from of the coolest wedding proposal story I’ve heard of in a long time.

From the photographer: My brother, Scott, decided he wanted to propose. But you’ve gotta know something about my brother, and that is that he’s kind of a musical genius. And so he invited me to join alongside in his barbershop quartet, where we would sing a melody to the girl of his dreams on the beach where he grew up. We spent the last 3 months rehearsing, with long nights of fine tuning and perfecting the song “By the light of the Silvery Moon.”

Aw, heck. *sniff*



  1. 06/30/2011 / 7:50 am

    It's me again. I just found you today thru Twitter/Scary Mommy and I'm pretty much reading every post on your blog. Can you feel the love? No, that's not a mosquito bite itching on your ass, it's the love I'm sending. Feel it now? I thought so.

    Beautiful post btw. Love the pics.

  2. 06/30/2011 / 8:44 am

    I like it. I tweet-followed you, too. And thanks for clearing that up. You know, about the mosquito bite and all.

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