Pasta Mosaic: Because Just Eating Noodles is so Boring

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Pasta mosaic art project -

One of the best parts of blogging is collaborating with other bloggers who come up with supercool ideas that I probably wouldn’t have done on my own. It’s fun to work in a group and compare what everyone else does for their posts, and It’s a nice change to have a prompt or “assignment” you have to work from.

Thus, I present to you: The Great Pasta Mosaic Art Project of 2015.

First we dyed the noodles with liquid watercolors, because they are the bomb and every household must have some. Actually, first we went to the store and picked out so many noodles. SO MANY. There are some fascinating shapes out there, and I wanted all of them.

pasta mosaic art project

Now, onto the dying. You simply shake a bunch of dry pasta around in a sealed bag with a few drops of liquid watercolors until they are all covered (add more drops of paint as needed.) Then spread them out on a wax paper-lined pan to dry.

While you are waiting patiently through the drying process, break out some snacks, crank up the jams, get all snuggly.


Start in the middle of a piece of cardboard and glue down your favorite piece of pasta. I cut and glued a piece of white card stock onto a piece of brown cardboard to give it a nice, clean background. We also just used Elmer’s glue. Love you, Elmer.


Arrange your pasta pieces out from the center, and feel free to play around with them before you glue them down.

We found that dumping some glue onto a plate and using a wooden skewer to grab some glue made the whole process much neater. In fact, with the little circle pastas, you can place a bunch onto the glue puddle and then pick them up with the skewer and place them where you want to.

What will you make? A life-size pasta sculpture of your cat? Noodle forts? I know! I challenge you to cover your entire car in pasta.

pasta mosaic

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  1. Gina
    04/27/2015 / 3:55 pm

    These are beautiful and would be so much fun! Your photos are so beautiful!!!! Great great share! ( as always!)

    • 04/27/2015 / 4:47 pm

      Aw Gina, Thank you thank you thank you! I was surprised at how much fun it was to play with noodles. 🙂

  2. 04/28/2015 / 5:55 am

    You are the funniest! And this project is stunning! Love the photos and color!

  3. 04/28/2015 / 10:54 am

    your title is the best. i love these mandalas…you have inspired me to make mandalas with my art class with all of the leftover pasta. thank you!! xo bar

  4. 04/29/2015 / 2:54 am

    I can’t agree more! I’m gluten intolerant and the gluten free pasta we have in Sweden tastes like paper. I rather make your mandalas! Lots of them! They are beautiful.

  5. 04/29/2015 / 4:52 pm

    I agree, your title is the best! These mosaics are awesome, and I bet they were fun to create. 🙂

  6. 04/29/2015 / 7:00 pm

    I doubt there is much at your house that is ‘boring’! LOL
    I just adore the symmetry and pattern and colour… actually I just love everything about this!

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