Kids Books Hoedown #2

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Was you wondering when I was going to come out with a list of some more good kid books? Great! ’cause here goes, just in time for you to pick up a few at the big Borders sale for your weekend:

1.Dick and Jane and Vampires, by Laura Marchesani (Author), Tommy Hunt (Illustrator)

Okay now, I am really tired of all things vampire, but this book is kitchily hilarious. I keep meaning to buy it, but then I keep forgetting, because of dumbness.

2. The Surprise, by Sylvia Van Ommen

If you like knitting or know someone who does, just buy this book for them. There’s nothing bad to say about this short, sweet picture book. No words, awesome illustrations, great message, and it’s based on knitting. Plus it stars a sheep who rides a scooter. And I think the pink poodle at the spinning wheel is smoking a cigarette.

3. Time Flies, by Eric Rohmann

Another wordless, beautifully illustrated book, this one is more moody (lots of warm browns and greens), and serious. This is one I’ll buy for Bex in a couple of years, so he can flop on his bed and stare at it, and ponder dinosaurs.

4. Math Curse, by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

This is a goofy, witty book about MATH. Why would a kid want to read a book about math? Because it’s math wrapped up in a fun story full of great illustrations and just outright silliness. And little math jokes, (the math teacher’s name is Mrs. Fibonacci.) Doesn’t that just slay you? These two make a great book-making pair.

Obviously I prefer picture books to big people books. At any rate, I end up reading more of them than big people books, and then I can impress people with how many books I read. Speaking of big people books, I need to find a good next book to read, since I just finished Bossypants- but it needs to be a totally amazing story that keeps me engaged and intellectually stimulated. And it has to have wonderfully fleshed out characters and witty dialogue. And maybe goats.


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