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I found a grocery list the other day that is worthy of posting, based on the last item:

I laughed and laughed and mercilessly made fun of this person for wanting to buy “glurbs”. Then I started to wonder what a glurb was, so I made use of the googles.

from Urban Dictionary:
A mysterious sexual act. *glurb* is probably the sound it makes.

A blog that actually looks interesting:

and I saw this video on that there blog, so I’ll post it here, too:

Then I found this exchange:

Question:I’m learning English.

Could you tell me the meaning of “glurb”?How does it read?

do you mean glub? it is a noun and it is pronounced gluhb it means Sir John Bag

Well, for one thing, it’s not a word. That might be part of the problem here.

That’s when I just gave up and decided the writer of the grocery list obviously had a psychotic break while deciding what to purchase at the market.


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