DIY Pom Pom Earrings

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What is it about pom poms? They’re these little brightly colored balls of fun, and everybody wants to make crafts with them, and they make everybody happy, right? I wanted in on the happiness, so I decided to go ahead and just make some simple pom pom earrings. Seriously, this is jewelry-making at its easiest.


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Thread your embroidery thread through a needle and tie a double knot in the bottom. Pull it through the middle and pass the needle through the bottom hole of your fish hook. Double knot that and repeat with the matching pom pom (or a different color if you want to get totally crazy!)

pom poms and embroidery thread

The hardest part of this project is making sure the embroidery thread is the same length on each earring.

Snip the ends off of the embroidery thread, and the bottom knot should sort of tuck right up into the pom pom. You can dab a little fabric glue onto the top knot with a toothpick to make sure it stays put.

pom pom earring project from

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  1. 03/05/2014 / 6:15 pm

    Cute cute cute cute!

  2. 03/05/2014 / 7:15 pm

    How pretty and nice and light as well! I hate heavy earrings on girls!

  3. 03/05/2014 / 7:44 pm

    Very cute! The contrasting tread is a nice touch too. I think we will make some green ones : )

  4. 03/06/2014 / 7:28 am

    How did you know I have a pound bag of pom poms? I never thought of jewelry!

  5. 03/06/2014 / 12:31 pm

    Way too simple. Love it! I’ll have to make these for my two daughters as well! Great craft. Thanks for the post!

  6. 03/14/2014 / 6:02 am

    How cute are these? Every girl should have a bunch of them.

  7. SK
    04/07/2014 / 2:17 pm

    Perfect to give away as favors for little girls at a Dr. Suess themed party!

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