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Well hello. How do you like my new digs? The old blog was feeling a bit, er, tired, so I embarked on a mystical journey to learn how to create my own site on WordPress. Including learning some CSS and HTML. Who is freaking impressed? I’m actually still in the middle of the class, but since I have zero patience, I moved my site over early, so there may be a few tweaks here and there that I still have to work on. But just think of how exciting it will be for you to come to the site one day, and then the next time you visit, *POOF*, it’ll look like a magical little fairy got into your computer and moved stuff around. So cool.

I basically freaked out when it was time to come up with a logo, because I just am not graphic designedly inclined, so I decided to go with a cool font. Here are some of the options I nixed:

Anyway, I’m all excited about my new home, so welcome (take your fucking shoes off, please). May I get you a drink? Oh yeah, and since I’m sort of technologically stoopid, those of you who were subscribed to my blog previously will need to RESUBSCRIBE! (Click on the super-fun subscribe guy up at the top right of the page).



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  1. Lindsay
    05/22/2011 / 9:53 am

    Omg omg omg!!!! Yur blog is da best one I've seen in a long time. I love it. Keep up the good work.

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