Artists to Stalk Next Weekend

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Did we all get to Target at whatever o-clock they opened? I didn’t. If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I hate crowds more than Hunger Games tributes hate tracker jackers.

I try to not step foot into a store until January 15th or so, and I’m all over the internet, just buying, buying, buying non-stop. Presents for all! Everybody gets internet gifts! The best thing about this is that you can shop Etsy and ScoutMob and whatever other sites you know about where you can buy cool handmade things by cool artisans.

You know what’s weird, though? I’ve never been to the One of a Kind Show in Chicago. It’s so not the mall, and it’s so a great way to shop for presents in real life that are made by real live artists/artisans/artistes, and then you get to talk to these makers and become BFFs with them.

Anyway… you in the Chicago area? Let me know if you’re going to the One of a Kind Show (December 3-6), and I’ll make sure I come find you if we’re there that day. (not sure if we’re going Saturday or Sunday yet).

Wait a minute! Let’s a take a look at a few artists I’m particularly interested in seeing/awkwardly trying to make conversation with.


Daria Tessler – just look at this. Perfection.


Candace Comption Pappas – these are lovely little paintings. (My favorite gift ever from Christian is a set of 3 small paintings from an artist her knew I liked.)


Peter Karner – I totally geek out at ceramics. I dream of having a huge gas kiln someday in my back yard and being all awesome and firing up scads of ceramic awesomeness.

Cool stuff, huh? Do you buy handmade for people for the holidays? Lemme know.


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