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Hiya. I’m Jeanette. I’d like for you to pretend you’re in my home, joining me for a fun night of crafting, drinking wine, and chatting. There might be 4 or 5 of us, and we’re whooping it up, then someone tells an inappropriate joke and we’re all giggling uncontrollably.

What do you want to make? You can peruse a lot of easy projects here, or see projects by medium here. 

I post a bunch of art and craft projects, for kids and adults. I spotlight cool things and people that I discover and think you all might like, too. There’s so much amazing design out there and brilliant artisans, and I’m beyond giddy over the resurgance of all things handmade. Creativity is contagious, baby.

printmaking with foam pieces

Now, about me: I live in a Chicago suburb with my husband, Christian. Our house is buzzing with our 2 kids, his 2 kids, and our black lab, Ida Lou. I feed us way too many desserts, and fail regularly at dinner, but we laugh a lot and have fun.

I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in ceramics, and I’ve been painting and drawing ever since. Someday I’ll get a wheel and a kiln… I had a 10-year stint after college where I was showing and selling my paintings at art shows and galleries.


Sometimes I’ll also write seemingly random posts on my blog, but really it’s just my way of connecting more with you all and comparing thoughts and feelings. I consider myself a happy person, but I’ve weathered my share of tragedies and major life events, so there are other things to be discussed besides art and design.


I LOVE to poke around and find the deep stuff within other people, so expect some creative people interviews and guest posts soon. It’s so fun to see what makes creative people tick, and where they work.

Tell me: what do you like to make? What do you want to be making? What do you want to talk about? Do you like naps? I do. And wine. And bad TV, dogs, iced green tea, stripes, paper planners, and copious amounts of sarcasm.  

Also! Also! I write a weekly newsletter that is so fun and chock full of creative inspiration. You can sign up for it here so you won’t miss any of my posts, or you can sign up to get an email each evening that I post.

Want some information about working with me on a sponsored post or newsletter? Come right this way and we can work out something fantastic.

My kids, circa 2010

My kids, circa 2010

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