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About Craftwhack:

Craftwhack is a magical little place for you to find all sorts of creative inspiration in the form of: art projects and techniques, cool makers, beautiful art and design, and everyday ways for adults and kids to be creative.

I’m obsessed with art and design and love sharing my discoveries and ideas with other people- I also am fascinated by creative people, and I know that we can all learn a ton by practicing being more creative in our everyday lives.

It would be boring if this was all one-sided, so hit me up with blog comments and social media chatter. (Social media follow buttons up to the right.)

If you’re a brand or other sort of human entity, and you’re dying to collaborate with me, check out my work with me page here!

Some of my most popular art projects:

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About Jeanette:

I am Jeanette Nyberg- art school graduate, married, 2 kids, 2 step kids, Chicago suburb-dweller. My favorite things to do are: make art, write, nap, laugh at inappropriate times/things, drink iced green tea, make cookies, look at pretty things.

I Wrote a Book

If you want to have crazy amounts of fun with drawing and tangling, may I present to you Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids. It’s totally not just for kids. My sister and I giggled our butts off as we drank wine and did a lot of these games.

Tangle Art and Drawing Games for Kids book